Privacy Engineering Workshop

Mapping an efficient privacy strategy

Do you find your team is reworking an existing solution every time a privacy law or regulation changes? Or when there’s a change to data sources or uses of data? If so, now is the time to form a privacy engineering strategy to help you develop a forward-looking and scalable privacy program.

Privacy Engineering Defined

We define privacy engineering as a methodology that helps businesses safely use data, balancing the company’s risk appetite and business goals. Our methodology helps ensure that your privacy efforts support business goals and are right-sized for your organization.

Our 3-hour workshop exploring this field is a first step to executing an efficient and effective privacy engineering strategy. In addition to explaining our privacy engineering methodology, our workshop will deep dive into real-world instances where privacy engineering can be applied, for example in data subject rights workflows and data discovery and mapping.

You have the option of joining our open workshops offered quarterly, or to schedule a private version that is highly customized and tailored to your specific business environment.

We start by asking a series of foundational questions such as:


Put your privacy plan into motion today

Executing the Strategy

Our Ethos Privacy engineering consulting team can help put your strategy into action. We collaborate with you to effectively assess relevant business priorities and risk appetite. We then apply our privacy engineering methodology to help you identify and prioritize key tasks and build a project plan. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have clarity around what’s achievable, with what resources, and a realistic timeline.


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