Ethos Privacy Platform

Easily manage your privacy program, data protection, and compliance initiatives

Manage a right-sized privacy program that aligns with your company goals

Successful privacy programs consist of more than a set of risks and a control framework. They are aligned with business objectives and have stakeholder participation. Privacy programs must be flexible and designed to adapt to fast changing demands. Getting a privacy program to this level of maturity takes time, expertise, and tools.

The Ethos platform is designed to increase privacy teams’ speed to business value by providing answers, not research material. This focus on quality and speed enables privacy teams to have scalable impact. Additionally, the platform leverages your existing privacy technology investments by providing a dashboard for informed decisions on resource allocation and risk management.

The Ethos Privacy Platform tackles two complex problems:

What laws apply and how do they overlap? What do my contracts say? How do I keep up with changes? Ethos assists in synthesizing all these inputs into one consistent, actionable plan.

How do I monitor progress? How do I hold people accountable? Ethos assists in gaining assurance through project tracking and driving accountability to individual action owners.


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The Ethos Privacy Platform is used by organizations large and small to maintain privacy and data protection compliance. Our platform normalizes the complexity of privacy requirements and obligations into a single action plan, filtered and scoped to your unique needs. The platform delivers detailed, specific guidance and reduces your team’s analysis efforts by 80% due to our proprietary multi-framework Ethos Privacy Requirements Catalog. Learn how you can reduce dependence on outside counsel and consulting today.


Ingest any requirement in the Ethos Privacy Confidence Platform

Ingest any type of requirement & Make existing policies actionable

Model your business and contracts in Ethos to identify and allocate obligations from laws and regulations, contracts, policies, and more.
Assessment support with the Ethos Privacy Confidence Platform

Assessment Support

By identifying your privacy obligations and comparing them to current state, the Ethos platform can provide a working plan to meet your strategic and compliance goals.

Communication integration with the Ethos Privacy Confidence Platform

Communication & notification platform integration

Ethos software compliments the technology you already use to push privacy responsibility out into business units, providing assurances and a force-multiplier for your privacy team. Integrates with email, Slack, Jira, and others.

Scheduled privacy updates with Ethos Privacy Confidence Platform

customize requirements

Make the program plan your own by modifying Requirements or Tasks to address context-specific planning.

Single dashboard metrics with the Ethos Privacy Confidence Platform

“Single Pane of Glass” reporting

Roll up metrics from within Ethos and other privacy technology platforms to get a holistic view of your privacy program.
Scheduled updates with the Ethos Privacy Confidence Platform

Inform your planning process

Compare current obligations with those that would be imposed due to an internal or external change, then execute on those obligations with the Ethos platform’s “What If” functionality.


The only platform that enables a Culture of Privacy® through patent-pending technology

Culture of Privacy Culture Wheel
Ethos privacy program management technology levels up your privacy program by allowing you to manage not only those privacy obligations that stem from laws and regulations, but also from internal policies and strategic initiatives, third-party contracts, Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG),and more. Create a right-sized privacy program that aligns with your company goals and risk profile using the Ethos platform.

Ethos provides users with a privacy program plan that meets external obligations placed on businesses through privacy laws and regulations. The program setup process is straightforward and includes answering the following questions:

  • Where are your customers and employees?
  • What data are you using?
  • How are you using the data?
  • What industry are you associated with?
Unlike other tools that provide a library of templates, Ethos customizes and filters content directly relevant to your program. Using our assessment feature and ability to split out sub-programs (such as Employee vs. Customer or EU vs. US) you can model your business to the level of specificity and detail that best fits your company’s privacy posture and organization.

Requirements can be customized with tasks, ensuring that detailed activity associated with executing a requirement is tracked and assigned. This ensures that progress is visible and task owners are accountable to the overall program implementation.

Ethos platform reporting allows you to track, measure, and report on the status of privacy program components, compliance with specific laws, progress on engagements and more. Use Ethos APIs to combine data from multiple platforms to roll up into our reporting capabilities or existing BI tools like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI. Gain insights to drive strategic conversations regarding resourcing and priorities.

Designed by privacy professionals for privacy professionals

The Ethos Privacy Platform has been tuned to include not only content related to legal and regulatory compliance in jurisdictions around the world, but to allow organizations to ingest their existing rulebooks, policies, and standards to truly operationalize and manage programs in a dynamic way.

The Ethos platform makes privacy tasks manageable and provides assurance to executive leadership that the business is managing the risks of regulatory enforcement, consumer-focused brand damage, or disruption of its supply chain.


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