Privacy Risk Assessment Managed Service

We know privacy teams face an uphill battle and are rarely as large or well-resourced as needed. Often there is a lack of Privacy Risk Assessment experience on the team. There’s often inconsistency in documentation and utilizing lawyers to document PRAs is expensive and not the best use of their skills.

Privacy Risk Assessments will be necessary as you prepare your organization to be future-ready as new privacy laws come online. Proactively identifying and mitigating risks helps you meet governmental expectations as well as your customer’s.

Our 3-step process is straightforward and efficient.


  • We use your existing tools (if any) or our own
  • We collaborate on comprehensive questionnaires written in business-friendly language and templates
  • We perform the PRAs and escalate issues as appropriate based on your requirements
  • We provide metrics and benchmarking based on previous PRAs (and on industry standards??)
  • We maintain consistency of documentation
  • We maintain the PRA templates/questionnaires and update them as needed
  • You can expect regular check-ins on progress and recurring issues
  • We use this information to deliver specific guidance and prioritization on next-steps

Benefits of an Ethos Privacy Managed Service

  • Expedite and streamline privacy assessments
  • Reducing stress on privacy teams
  • Internal resources can review and sign-off, maximizing their efficiency and impact
  • No impact due to staff attrition
  • Ability to tap into a pool of highly skilled experts
  • Assess to specialized SMEs with expertise in risk assessments
  • Standardized, detailed documentation
  • Consistent use of non-legal language
  • Readily available risk assessment templates using business-friendly language and specific guidance to aid answering

Deliverables from the Privacy Risk Assessment

  • Privacy specialists/subject matter expertise
  • Experience with current privacy technology
  • Coordination with business and IT/IS teams
  • Functional relationships with stakeholders and leadership
  • Flexible tiered pricing

Trusted Privacy Advisors, Privacy Research-fueled Technology

Ethos Privacy partners with clients on their privacy programs, striking the right balance between privacy needs and business goals. We expertly bridge the gap between current state and optimal state, given the pace and complexity of privacy legislation around the globe. In addition to consulting, the company provides a software platform for organizations to move beyond basic compliance to utilizing data privacy as a strategic differentiator.


Talk to an expert to learn about the benefits from having risk assessments.