Privacy Inbox Managed Service

Managing one-on-one communications with customers has always been a challenge. And as customers become more privacy-aware, more are starting to use automated privacy agents for their personal data requests. Daily clearing of corporate privacy inboxes is an expensive and time-consuming use of scarce resources.

Companies can’t put off responding either. CCPA clearly states that businesses shall respond “within 45 days of receiving a verifiable consumer request…” and GDPR declares that a controller shall respond “within one month of the receipt of the request.”

Plus, there’s the responsibility to verify the identity of the requestor and accommodate the request, even if the DSR didn’t follow your clearly stated corporate policy and was sent to the wrong corporate inbox.

Scalable solution manages deadlines, avoids fines

Even if you have a completely automated portal for receiving access and deletion requests and web forms for Do Not Sell, the privacy inbox is the catch-all for a variety of email that must be routed correctly.



We reduce your risk by ensuring inquiries or complaints are handled accurately and promptly. Because privacy communications can go unaddressed for too long or can be answered incorrectly, the Ethos Privacy Inbox Managed Service eliminates the risk of unanswered or incorrectly or inconsistently answered privacy inquiries and complaints.

Enhanced staff efficiency

Responding to inquires or complaints on an ad hoc basis consumes too many internal and external resources. Our years of enterprise privacy operations experience has produced common use cases and response templates to address most communications. Once your legal team has approved the templates, legal may not need to be involved again unless there’s an escalation.


Responding to inquires or complaints generates a dialog or continuing communication requiring multiple reviews to produce approved responses. Our privacy inbox service is designed to produce approved responses with minimum effort thus reducing the need for a series of communications.

Who benefits from this managed service?

Taking control over your privacy inbox benefits your company, customers, and employees. The business gains brand image protection and reduced regulatory risk. Prompt, clear, and comprehensive company responses to customer inquiries assures customers you take their concerns and privacy seriously. Customers who have confidence their privacy is respected are more likely to stay engaged with your brand. Your employees become process owners as they’re supported with the necessary tools and training to communicate confidently with customers.


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