Technology Strategy and Roadmap Assessment

With the proliferation of privacy technologies on the market, privacy teams are now faced with a new challenge—are these technology investments enabling my program or are they distracting from my priorities?

Our Ethos technical privacy team has extensive experience in a range of privacy and compliance solutions to help you assess your current technology investments, identify key pain points where automation could assist, develop business requirements, and even run the selection process.

As the demands of modern privacy laws increase, many organizations are turning to automation to keep up. But privacy professionals who are new to purchasing enterprise software may not realize how to clearly define what problems they are looking to solve, or how to determine which of the many similar solutions best fits their needs.

With the exponential increase of privacy software, choosing the right tools is a challenge—and failing to perform appropriate due diligence can result in efficiency gains from automation lost through time spent managing tools where advertised capabilities don’t match reality.

Ethos Privacy can help you select software that meets your needs, from clearly defining problems in a way that aligns with the unique elements of your organization, through to managing an RFI and RFP process.

Some of the specific areas where we can assist include:

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