Privacy Risk Assessments

Get expert help managing your privacy risks

With increased usage of personal information, it is extremely important for organizations to accurately measure and manage the risk to their customers and be compliant with data protection legislation and other commitments, such as contractual obligations and other external statements about how personal data will be handled and protected.

Our Ethos Privacy Risk Assessment process helps you analyze and assess privacy risks for individuals arising from the processing of their information. This focus area includes risk models, risk assessment methodologies, and approaches to determining privacy risk factors.


Ethos layered approach

Risk Type



Enterprise privacy risks

Strategic risks tied to internal and external macro factors

Annual enterprise privacy risk assessment

Architectural privacy risks

Strategic risks tied to a lack of a coordinated approach to handling electronic PI

Enterprise privacy architecture and roadmap

Product/feature privacy risks

Tactical risks tied to a specific product, service, or feature

Privacy risk assessments (PIA/LIA/DPIA)

The Benefits of assessment deliverables

  • Management buy-in and participation
  • Ability to gain traction around addressing identified risks
  • Alignment with overall Enterprise Architecture roadmap
  • Clearly defined responsibility for Privacy Architecture
  • Ability to solve for “tragedy of the commons” challenge
  • Integration with SDLC processes
  • Formalized exception process

Privacy Risk Assessments as a managed service

Ethos Privacy offers privacy risk assessment as a managed service, freeing up your operational team to focus on high-impact, strategic projects. We thoughtfully manage your privacy, delivering daily monitoring updates, mapped action plans, and reduce key-person risks.