Privacy Metrics and Executive Dashboard

Beyond benchmarking, privacy professionals want to find meaningful ways to measure their program’s performance. Useful, insightful data enables informed strategic and tactical decisions to increase effectiveness and efficiency while supporting broader organizational goals.

Privacy programs are hard to measure effectively, and mistakes can cost you both budget and resources. We help you identify, contextualize, measure, and report out important and actionable metrics to share with stakeholders.

Once metrics are established, we work with you to define and modify your privacy program, including ongoing maintenance of the metrics program, to ensure that the data gathered is relevant and useful.


Not sure where to start? Join one of our Metrics Workshops.

The Ethos Privacy Metrics Workshop will help you develop meaningful metrics that measure activity, show trends, and track progress towards your privacy objectives. Our popular 2 to 4 hour metrics workshop is available for individual companies or as a group session with participants from all over the world.