Data Governance

Data governance value

Data Governance defined

  • Formal because it’s written down, making it an official document to guide your organization and can be produced to authorities to demonstrate compliance.
  • Authority means all relevant stakeholders are working together to establish a strategic direction for data across the enterprise.
  • When governance is used to define data, this creates a formal way to identify data that is either valuable or a potential risk to the organization.
  • Governance addresses the production of data and data quality; there are at least 60 different recognized dimensions of data quality.
  • Governance aligns use with business priorities and outcomes.

Data governance delivers efficiency and risk mitigation

Business context

Business context gives data value

Formalize and clarify

Documented roles provides certainty and clarity, empowers staff to meet responsibilities, increases efficiency, and reduces risk

Data teams

Rapid deployment of SMEs to address business processes, data controls and data quality issues


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