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With privacy programs, one size does not fit all.

Our consultants are trusted advisors to Fortune 500 privacy and data governance offices around the globe and named “technical experts” by ING Bank and the European Commission. As nimble outcome-driven privacy experts, we adapt to your unique requirements and collaborate with you to “right size” privacy initiatives. Our senior staff are routinely trusted to assume comprehensive leadership roles such as interim Chief Privacy Officer and Data Protection Officer to help clients bridge staffing shortages or gaps in expertise.

We are privacy professionals and analysts, attorneys as well as former judges, CISOs, CIOs, DPOs and CPOs. We are software engineers, UX professionals, and experienced project managers. We’ve been consultants and managing directors at Big 4 consulting firms; we’ve led the implementation of GDPR at Fortune 500 companies; and we teach workshops and certification courses for the IAPP.

In short, we deliver top-tier services without the expensive overhead. Whether you need a program maturity assessment or have a mature privacy program and need metrics and benchmarking or you’re standing up a new privacy program, we have customized services to fit your needs.


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