Adaptive Privacy

Adaptive Privacy helps privacy pros understand where obligations overlap, where they’re different, and how they’re different, so we can all make better decisions on how to run a privacy program.

How Biden is changing US privacy via the FTC

FTC building

The Federal Trade Commission in its role in enforcing the FTC Act, is the U.S.’s de facto privacy regulator. While it took a pretty big hit this spring when the Supreme Court took away its ability to seek monetary relief in deceptive practices cases, recent changes to the agency indicate that its powers and impact are likely to broaden in the near future.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Free Internet and its consumption of your data

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency or ATT will make data collection from normally ‘free’ WiFi hotspots more visible to the consumer.

California Voters Say Yes to Prop 24

Photo by Javier Quiroga on Unsplash

This new law revises the current California Consumer Privacy Act, building on the rights and protections citizens already have and putting new obligations on companies doing business in the state.

The challenge of semantics in privacy

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Lack of consistent terminology and definitions in privacy can make understanding new privacy acts an uphill battle. We advocate for definitive terms for nationwide consistency.