Surprise! You’re Not Really Muted

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If you’ve been to even a single privacy conference, you’ve probably come across Helen Nissenbaum’s idea of “contextual integrity” (read her book, “Privacy in Context,” if you haven’t). It’s become fairly core to privacy thinking — if a little bit academic — and gets at the idea of “fairness,” for example, that makes up one of the core principles of the GDPR and other major privacy laws around the globe. 

Privacy Implications of a Post-Roe World

The recent news over the leaked opinion from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that would strike down Roe V. Wade here in the United States should have all privacy professionals thinking about how a post-Roe world might affect their work.

Privacy Shield 2.0: Too soon to celebrate 

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It’s as if February knew it needed to overachieve if it wanted to keep pace with the rest of the year in privacy news. In three short weeks, the discussion surrounding the next installment of Privacy Shield has gone from ‘it’s nearly official’ to the declassified report highlighting bulk collection practices of the U.S. intelligence community hitting the headlines.