Last-minute ideas for Data Privacy Day

By Emily Leach

Data Privacy Day is almost here and you haven’t planned anything? Here are some last-minute ways you can use this opportunity to raise awareness about privacy in your organization and have a little fun.

  1. Lunch and a movie: Pick up some pizza for the team and watch one of the many privacy-related movies out there. Some examples: The Great Hack; Citizenfour; I, Robot; and Minority Report. CPO Magazine and Dark Reading have even more recommendations. Need something shorter? There are lots of great TED Talks on privacy too!

  2. Share your favorite edition of the IAPP’s Prudence the Privacy Pro cartoon: The IAPP publishes a privacy superhero cartoon that highlights privacy issues including villains with names like the Phisher Queen, Voleur the cat burglar, and Dr. Breach. Browse through and print out your favorites to post in the company kitchen, bathroom stalls, foyer – wherever! Find them here.

  3. Privacy pop-quiz: Write a short quiz that includes questions about data privacy and your organization’s specific privacy obligations. Give prizes to the team that has the most participation and the highest combined score.

  4. Watch the National Cybersecurity Alliance’s Data Privacy Day event: Host a watch party in your company’s community space and provide some snacks. The event will be livestreamed here. It’s 2.5 hours, but it’s broken up into shorter presentations so people can stay as long as their schedule allows.

  5. Host an “ask the expert” Q&A: Use your company’s instant messaging platform to set up a special Data Privacy Day channel where you provide tips throughout the day and answer questions about data privacy within your organization. Here are some tips from NCSL to get you started.

Remember, data privacy requires awareness at all levels of your organization. If you don’t have the bandwidth, flexibility or budget to pull together a last-minute pizza party for the whole staff, consider just emailing everyone@ with a gentle reminder that protecting privacy is everyone’s job. Send them a link to your privacy policies. Let them know you’re there to answer questions or they see something that doesn’t seem right. It may end up saving your customers’ data and your company’s reputation!

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