Privacy Inbox Tsunami

Is there a future lawsuit lurking in the depths of your privacy inbox?

Privacy Agents and increased public awareness of privacy rights have produced crippling quantities of privacy-related questions and complaints. The risks are high when these communications go unanswered or unresolved. A standardized process is the answer.

Unopened emails

The proven Ethos Privacy Inbox Managed Service process is a lifesaver

Our service only delivers approved responses and usually pays for itself within the first month.

Risk reduction and cost savings

We reduce your risk by ensuring inquiries or complaints are handled accurately and promptly. Because privacy communications can go unaddressed for too long or can be answered incorrectly, the Ethos Privacy Inbox Managed Service eliminates the risk of unanswered or incorrectly or inconsistently answered privacy inquiries and complaints.

How it works


As privacy request emails hit your inbox, we filter them against our extensive library of use cases 


We tag the emails and either populate the appropriate template or forward to your escalation manager


We handle all the compliance logging and reporting for you

Our process is simple but built on decades of privacy consulting with some of the most successful brands in the world.

We can onboard your existing privacy communications channels (external and/or internal) into our established process and keep Privacy Agents at bay. You can offer standardized service levels and guaranteed response times to valued customers, all in line with your established practices.

Focus on higher value areas and let us handle the front-line of your privacy defense.

take control of your privacy inbox today