Working through the impact of new privacy laws for your organization?

Free yourself from stress and expensive consulting.
Get an actionable plan within 24 hours - including the Utah Consumer Privacy Act.

No privacy organization has enough time or resources to tackle everything on its plate. You don’t need another checklist. You need a shortcut. Now you can get a customized report covering critical privacy requirements for your specific program within 24 hours. Not weeks or months, hours.

With the Ethos Adaptive Privacy Report you can:

With pricing starting at $1,500 per month, the service more than pays for itself with your first report.

Ethos Adaptive Privacy Report

Customized to your business

We deliver a complete set of requirements based on your unique business model, jurisdictional footprint, data subjects, and data practices. The report also identifies requirements that don’t apply to your organization and omits them from scope.

How it works


We upload your information into our patent-pending multi-framework Privacy Requirements Catalog 


The platform screens out anything that isn’t relevant to your program


A normalized set of privacy requirements specific to your organization is generated automatically

Our process is simple but built on decades of privacy consulting with some of the most successful brands in the world.

Answer a few key questions and we upload your information into our platform to generate your Adaptive Privacy Report in 24 hours. This white-glove service includes a dedicated privacy professional who leads your onboarding session to ensure the correct information is captured and reviews your finished report with you. Questions answered, guidance given, you now have an action plan based on your business.